Linked in is an professional social network that people use to build their professional network, upload resumes and search and apply for jobs online.  Linkedin is a very popular website that is now used by millions of job seekers and employers and is an excellent source to use in today’s modern age.   It is perhaps of even more use to recent college graduates who are looking for their first real jobs and are unsure of where to start.  Linkedin is a great way to kick off your professional career and explore professional job offers.   For these reasons it is important that your Linkedin profile is up to snuff. The following are some tips and tricks to get your profile recognized by other professionals in your field.

  1. Professional Profile Picture

    Leave your selfies and filters to Instagram, you want something more professional looking here.  It is best to use a professionally took head shot, if you do not have one of these you could contact a photography major friend and see if they will take one for you for cheap.   If you don’t have this available to you try and explore other users pictures on Linkedin and try your best to recreate one yourself.  Wear something professional, use appropriate lighting and make sure the angle of the photo is straight on.

2. Profile Summary

You may not think that this is necessary on your page, but believe it or not employers will be looking at it when they are assessing if they want to hire you or not.  You should think of this space as something similar to a cover letter. If you do no know how to write a cover letter, this link will help give you an idea of what employers will be looking for here.  With most cover letters, you customize certain parts of it to the job you are applying for.  However, here you want to keep it a little more generalized as you are not actually sending this summary to any employer in particular.

3. Join Alumni and/or Related Networks

Linkedin is not only a website for individual profiles, they also have group pages that you can join.  Most colleges have Alumni networks that you can join, when you join you will be given access to content that is only available to members, such as alumni profiles, and job opportunities.  You can view members profiles to see what kind of jobs they have now which can be useful for determining where you can go in the field.  This also allows you to connect with alum’s which can expand your professional network.

4. Listing Relevant Skills and Getting Endorsements

Use the skills section to list skills that are relevant to the field you are either in or are looking to enter.  For example, if you are a management major, listing Leadership as a skill is a good idea.  After you list skills ask your connections for endorsements.  Endorsements are when people click the check mark next to that skill to confirm that you are indeed apt in that area.  A way to get these is to offer endorsements for endorsements with your connections.  This lets employers know that there are people who think you are talented in specific areas and are almost like a mini reference.

5.  Keeping it to the Point

While it is important to sell yourself in your resume, you don’t want to make it too long.  Most employers do not thoroughly read your resume/profile and instead skim for keywords that they are looking for. For this reason it is important to trim the fat from your resume and not make it too long, as it may bore and deter potential employers.  Using bullet points for job descriptions is a popular method for listing job responsibilities and is an easy way to keep your resume to the point.


The following is a link to my profile, while it could use a few improvements, It is an all star profile so it is a good reference point for others when developing their profile:here