If you own an online store, email marketing is an essential for your business.   By sending emails to your customer base informing of them of promotions and sales, it helps customers become more active on your website without actually having to visit your website for updates.  When a customer signs up for a businesses email program, they usually get at least weekly updates on that particular business.

As an example, I will be using two emails that I have received from Sephora, a makeup and perfume retailer, because I signed up for their email program.

The reason I signed up for Sephora’s email program is because I made a purchase online and was prompted to sign up for it.  I usually get emails from them every three days, I’ve only opened up about one email from them after being signed up for their program for about a month now.   The subject line of the email was “Before they are gone! Your new holy grail of products!”, this made me curious about what they were referring to, so I opened it.


The call to action makes me think that I have a limited time to get some sort of deal.  The email definitely informs me about some new products that they are selling, but I didn’t see anywhere in the email that they were only offering them for a certain amount of time.  Because of this, I did not click on any links. Also none of the products they were showing me are products that I would normally buy, so they did not interest me.

The second email had a subject line “Watch: How to get a holographic glow”.  I clicked on this because I recently purchased a highlighter, which is what this email is referencing.  When I opened it, the email goes on to show highlighters that they are currently selling, and a video that shows someone using it.  This email seems more relevant to its title than the last which is good.   I did not click on anything because I already have a highlighter that I am happy with and am not looking to buy a new one any time soon.


Both of these emails have so much content that I could actually not include it all in these screenshots.  While the content is of high quality, I almost wish there was less of it because I am a little overwhelmed by everything they are showing me and don’t know where to focus my attention.  I think the first email was sent to the entire database, because it was very general and basically was showing me their spring line of skin products.  However, I think the second email was directly segmented towards me because I recently purchased a highlighter,  like I mentioned before.

I think these emails accomplished part of its goal.  I opened the emails and I am now aware of products they are selling that I didn’t know they were selling before. However I didn’t click on anything or go to their website which I’m sure that they wanted.

I think the next email they should send should involve some sort of sale they are having.  Most of the time when I open an email and click on a link within it, It’s because it will say something along the lines of “save 30% off!” and when I feel like I am getting a deal, I am more likely to purchase something.