The Story of a Few Weeks After My Adoption

I was found abandoned on the streets when Mohawk Humane Society of Menands, NY rescued me.  I was adopted by my mom in late August 2015 when I was only three months old! My calls me “Icarus” and I have been having fun adventures ever since!


When Mom first brought me home I was nervous but excited! There were so many new smells to smell and toys to play with.  There was even a neighbor dog named Willy that I could play with!

Soon after I was brought home I started to not feel very well, I got something called Kennel Cough.  It’s like a doggie cold/flu and it is very contagious! Mom had to bring me to the Vet to get medicine to make me feel better, and after about a week I felt much better!


I also had to be put in the cone of shame because I kept itching my belly.  It was very itchy because I got something called “fixed”.  I hated it! Sometimes I don’t understand why Mom make me do these things but I forgive her because she is only human.

I’m also a very smart boy.  I learned how to use the potty outside, and sit and lay down all in a few weeks!  I love my home and my new humans!

To learn more about the place where I was adopted from visit their webpage:Mohawk Humane Society