This week we are going to take this blog in a different direction and analyze the success of  Petsmart is a very popular pet retailer in america along with Petco. The store generates most of its revenue out of its brick and mortar locations, however customers can buy supplies from their website as well.  We will determine how well their website is doing by  looking at its traffic, conversion and revenue maximization.



Without traffic to a website, a website is basically pointless.  The whole point of making a website is to share your context across the web.  When you are a retail website your purpose is to not only do this but make a profit which would be impossible to do without people visiting your page.  According to Petsmart has expierenced a steady decline in traffic since december, but is slightly above its six month average.

The above graph breaks Petsmart’s traffic down into different categories.  As you can see petsmart receives most of its traffic from searches at 53%, second from direct traffic (this is by typing petsmart into your browser or using a bookmark to navigate to it), and thirdly from referrals from other websites by way of hyperlink.

If Petsmart wanted to increase its traffic it may want to focus on increasing its referrals both paid and unpaid from other websites.



Conversion is a rate that is calculated by how many people buy a product from a webpage per visitor.  Conversion can be improved in various ways.  Sales or promotions offered on the website can pull or encourage customers to buy a product.  For example petsmart right now has a promotion for 20% your first order. You can also sign up for petsmarts email program which keeps you up to date on future sales and sends coupons to customers to encourage them to buy.

Maximize Revenue:Untitledds.png

Revenue can be maximized in several different ways.One way is like the picture shows above, to suggest items that go with the item you are looking at.  I searched for a hamster cage, and is suggesting hamster bedding and food to go along with it.  This is good because it increases the chance of a customer buying more than one item or buying at all.  Petsmart could also consider a rewards or loyalty program similar to to keep their customers loyal to their site.

This was done for Professor Pepe’s digital marketing class the following is a link to his blog: